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Have fun while learning about gravity, anatomy, ergonomics, and social dynamics! The party game Twister, introduced in 1966, was the first board game played with human bodies.  
This version, "Tele-Twister" is a game designed for the Internet. As in the original, the game is played with human bodies(the twisters), but in this version you get to play along and direct their moves from the comfort of your computer. As a player, you log in and are automatically assigned to either the Red or Blue team. You view and play from your computer screen. You see two twisters (real humans), one dressed in red, the other in blue. They respond to moves chosen by the Red and Blue online teams. Your team chooses moves for the twisters (eg, "right hand YELLOW") using a Java technology-based online interface.

During each turn, your challenge is to choose a move that is easy to reach for your team's player and difficult (or impossible) for the other team's player. The game ends when either player loses his or her balance and falls. If your team cannot reach consensus about which move to choose, your team loses its turn. After each turn, you earn a "leadership score" based on how quickly you anticipate the consensus of the team.You can log in as a guest or register for your own password. To play, visit:

You can log in as a guest, but we much prefer if you register for yourown password. Just go to the Register page anytime before the game starts and we will email you a password.Tele-Twister includes audio, so if your computer has speakers, be sure to turn up the volume!

The next Live Game in June, date to be announced!


Images from past field tests:

* August, 12th, 2003
* Aug 15, 15th, 2003
* September, 5th, 2003
* September, 12th, 2003
* September, 19th, 2003
* September, 26th, 2003

Images from past field tests:

* October, 3rd, 2003
* October, 24th, 2003
* November, 14th, 2003
* November, 21st, 2003
* January, 16th, 2004
* January, 23rd, 2004
* February, 13th, 2004
* April, 2nd, 2004



Tele-Twister is part of a larger UC Berkeley research effort on Collaborative Telerobotics. With Tele-Twister, we can quantify and study group dynamics.For more information contact Professor Ken Goldberg,